SATURDAY, MAY 12th 2012

EMSN The Wall – Rehearsal 3 One photograph: Comfortably numb Nobody home Location: Harmony central. from 10h to 10h30 Performers: Zong’: Guitar, vocals and rehearsal managing. Valerie: vocals. Didier: acoustic guitar. Marion: vocals. Cyrille: bass.[…]

FRIDAY, MAY 11th 2012

EMSN The Wall – Rehearsal 2 Photographs only: Comfortably numb Another brick in the wall (part 2) Location: Beer block. from 20h to 22h30 Performers: Zong’: Guitar and rehearsal managing. Isa and Valerie: vocals. Didier:[…]


EMSN The Wall – Rehearsal 1 Recording and filming: Nobody home with trombones Location: The Waterhouse. Performers: Zong’: piano and voice. Sophie and Valerie: trombones. Produced by Zong’. Format: 720p video file. This is chronologically[…]