Les Zaut’ – Live performance 18 – Sylv’s birthday dans les Vosges. For her birthday Sylviane wanted to organise a big party, with a concert by Les Zaut’.  And although the people were not necessarily[…]


Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 56. Another good rehersal, preparing ourselves for the forthcoming concert. I took some photographs. Toc, toc, toc Video killed the radio star L’homme pressé About a girl I’m picky In between[…]

SUNDAY JUNE 19th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 17 – Vezelise. What can I say about this 17th live performance of Les Zaut’ ? It was a very good experience: we played way better than our average shows,[…]

TUESDAY JUNE 16th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 54. Good but loud and noisy rehearsal. We mainly played the setlist for the forthcoming Vezelise show. But we played too loud and sometimes not so good.  But that’s always the[…]


Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 53. Nice rehearsal full of music and good vibes. I can now sing “My Sharona” without the lyrics sheet, and Céline said I could sing “Time is running out” if I[…]

FRIDAY JUNE 3rd, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 52 The girls didn’t come and I was afraid this rehearsal was going to be boring and unproductive.  On the contrary !  We could concentrate on the arrangements (and we managed[…]

SATURDAY 28th, MAY 2016

Live performance – Atelier rock 2016. My participation in the 2016 edition of the EMSN rock concert consists as: -Vocals with Sylv on “There there” and “Time”, with a 4-voices chorus by Val, Do, Julian[…]

FRIDAY, MAY 27th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 51 Although there was a bad feeling during this rehearsal we managed to do “Under pressure” and it was really good. We also played the usual “new songs” we used to[…]

SATURDAY, MAY 7th 2016

Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 50. This was the 50th rehearsal, and so we had a little celebration. I bought some cider and we took a fun group photograph. Apart from that we played very well[…]