MONDAY 30th MAY 2005

Recording: ‘Paperback writer’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – evening – P: Dude.Doing the two guitars for ‘Paperback writer’ (and also filming the session 😉 )

SUNDAY 15th MAY 2005

Recording: ‘Paperback writer’ (takes 1 & 2)Recording: ‘You never give me your money’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘Meat city’ (take 1)Recording: ‘I am your singer’ (take 1) France 3 basement – 13:00-14:00 – P: Dude.Doing[…]

MONDAY 9th MAY 2005

Recording: ‘The night before’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘Baby’s in black’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘Two of us’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – morning – P: Dude. – Present: Dude, Val.Some vocal stuff. I[…]