MONDAY 22nd MAY 2006

Recording: ‘Le Si ment, le Si rage, le Si lance, le Si clope’One-eyed Jack – 09:30-10:15 – P: Dude.Composing and immediatly recording this little acoustic guitar ditty, destined to be the closing segment of the[…]


Recording: ‘Kashmir’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘The prophet’s song’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – afternoon – P: Dude. – Present: Dude, Val.Adding the final guitars for Kashmir (the ascending figure of the end, and[…]

FRIDAY 5th MAY 2006

Recording: ‘Kashmir’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘Cousin Kevin’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – morning – P: Dude.Redoing some of the vocals for “Kashmir”, and doing all the vocals (except the verses) for ‘Cousin Kevin’.