Recording: ’11th floor jam’Recording:Stef’s bedroom – afternoon – Present: Dude, Stef. P: Dude.I’d just met Stef at the time, and this is our first recording together. Everything here is improvised. This may sound out-there but[…]


Recording: ‘Ace’s high’Recording:Recording: ‘For whom the bell tolls’Recording:MJC, Richemont – afternoon – Present: Dude, Hervé F., Frédéric W. P: Dude.RAINBOW WARRIOR’ is the name of my very first band, which was born circa 1987, but[…]

Sometimes in FEBRUARY 1990

Recording: ‘Keeping it dark’Recording:One-eyed Jack’s –  P: Dude.This half-improvisation is based upon a musical motif from the Genesis track ‘Keep it dark’. Hence the title.

Sometimes in FEBRUARY 1990

Recording: ‘Jugband blues’Recording:Recording: ‘White queen (as it began)’Recording:Recording: ‘Soul brother’Recording:Recording: ‘Why don’t you write me ?’Recording:One-eyed Jack’s –  P: Dude.I’ve always enjoyed singing songs that I loved with nothing but an acoustic guitar. These are[…]

Sometimes in FEBRUARY 1990

Recording: ‘Slides on the ice’Recording:One-eyed Jack’s –  P: Dude.This is one of the very first songs I’ve ever written. At the time I was figuring to be George Harrison. The lyrics were written after my[…]