MONDAY 29th MAY 2017

Notre Groupe – Rehearsal 1. Finally ! The long awaited creation of our band with Lydie and I happened.  Unfortunately, Lydie was restrained at home at the very last minute, because her husband was working[…]

SATURDAY MAY 20th, 2017

L’Emsn joue Michael Jackson – Concert #0. It was a sweet evening, and it felt very good to be on the other side of the managing for this new project. I enjoyed myself playing guitar,[…]

FRIDAY 19th MAY 2017

L’Emsn joue Michael Jackson – Last rehersal for Concert #0. Medhi wasn’t here so I had to play the drums for “Thriller” and “I want you back” 😉 Otherwise I played guitar on “Smooth criminal”[…]

THURSDAY 18th MAY 2017

Alzheimer – Rehearsal 24. Full band in action ! We played “Immigrant song” and “Day tripper”, and some other stuff. And after that Lydie and I went eating in a restaurant somewhere. And then back[…]

SATURDAY 13th MAY 2017

With Do in Brighton. This was the beggining of Do’s one month stay in Brighton. I drove her directly to her family, on my own. And then many amazing things happened: we saw a concert[…]

THURSDAY 11th MAY 2017

Alzheimer – Rehearsal 23. Lydie wasn’t there. So we worked on instrumental parts. We I arrived (late because of work”, the boys were into Jimi Hendrix’ “Fire”. And, for a reason unknown, Ludo also went[…]


Alzheimer – Rehearsal 22. We worked hard on “Doesn’t remind me”, and also on Fortunate son and Day tripper. It was too loud 🙁 I took a photograph of my guitar.


L’emsn joue Michael Jackson – Rehearsal 2. We worked on “Smooth criminal”. Drummer Charlotte was here this time, so all I did was play the guitar. It was a short be cool and relaxed rehearsal.[…]