TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2005

Recording: ‘Paperback writer’ (SI on take 1)Recording: ‘I am your singer’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – afternoon – P: Dude.Doing (and filming) all the voices for ‘Paperback’ writer. Adding also my vocal part to[…]

FRIDAY 10th JUNE 2005

Recording: ‘Two of us’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – morning – P: Dude.Just a tiny bit of recording: the opening ‘I dig a pygmy…’ voice. 😉


Recording: ‘Fading in, fading out’ (SI on take 1)One-eyed Jack – evening – P: Dude.Two days before the release of Ringo Starr’s new album, I recorded a cover of this song I like so much.[…]