SUNDAY JUNE 19th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 17 – Vezelise. What can I say about this 17th live performance of Les Zaut’ ? It was a very good experience: we played way better than our average shows,[…]


A Story Of Shadows – Live performance 1 – FĂŞte de la musique Art-sur-Meurthe. The long-awaited first concert by A Story of Shadows ! 🙂 We didn’t plan to play live so soon after the[…]

TUESDAY JUNE 16th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 54. Good but loud and noisy rehearsal. We mainly played the setlist for the forthcoming Vezelise show. But we played too loud and sometimes not so good.  But that’s always the[…]

TUESDAY JUNE 14th, 2016

Rehearsal with Anthony G – 1. I have accepted to participate as a guitar player in the project of one on my co-worker, Anthony G. To celebrate his 30th anniversary, he wanted to do a[…]

SUNDAY JUNE 12th 2016

A Story Of Shadows – Rehearsal 15 (with Alex). Very good and efficient rehearsal. We don’t need to see us again on thursday (as it was previously planned). “Ca c’est vraiment toi” needs a bit[…]

SATURDAY JUNE 11th, 2016

The Alzheimer – Live performance 4 (as a guest) – Parc de la PĂ©pinière – Nancy. Alzheimer were playing at the Parc de la PĂ©pinière and we all decided to go there (Val, Do, Julian[…]


Les Zaut’ – Rehearsal 53. Nice rehearsal full of music and good vibes. I can now sing “My Sharona” without the lyrics sheet, and CĂ©line said I could sing “Time is running out” if I[…]

TUESDAY JUNE 7th, 2016

Harmony Orchestra concert in Dombasle (Choeurs et Orchestre 2). Another Harmonie concert, with the singers, just like we did on March 19th but this time in Dombasle.  It was very hot on the stage, and[…]

SUNDAY JUNE 5th, 2016

A Story Of Shadows – Rehearsal 14. Too short time for this rehearsal. We only could work on “Let em in” (finally Do is singing and playing piano at the same time and I’ll be[…]


A Story Of Shadows – Rehearsal 13 The perspective of playing live for the first time has given the band a good energy and so this was a great rehearsal: we played Abacab all the[…]