SUNDAY JUNE 19th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 17 – Vezelise.

What can I say about this 17th live performance of Les Zaut’ ?
It was a very good experience: we played way better than our average shows, the venue was superb, and the people were absolutely lovely.
We had a huge space to play and our sound, although I was a bit skeptical during the show, was very good, judging from the video result.

It was scheduled as an hour long show, so Alex choose only the songs that rocked the most and that we play well, with a focus on the newly added songs we were so eager to play. (Roxanne, My Sharona, Under pressure, Long train running….).

This show has been completely filmed and photographed by Danny, who did quite a nice job.┬á We now have a wonderful film of the performance, and we will cherish the memory of this for a long time. (especially since the following show that was planned on the day after got cancelled ! ­čÖü ).

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