A Story Of Shadows – Live performance 1 – Fête de la musique Art-sur-Meurthe.

The long-awaited first concert by A Story of Shadows ! 🙂
We didn’t plan to play live so soon after the creation of tha band, so while we started working on some songs, we didn’t have enough material to go on stage. (We were asked to play for one hour).
We decided to add numbers from the Floyd and the Beatles Emsn shows. And since Val wouldn’t have enough time to work the bass parts, we invited Alex to join us and fill in as a bass player 🙂

So we did the show, which lasted a little more than an hour. We used our own equipement, and it was cool. (except that one of the brand new headset microphone refuses to work !). We proved that we can be independant and no a show on our own with our gear, but what was relly difficult was doing the front and mixing while playing the songs !  And we really have to improve on that.
We played two songs for the very fisrt time in front of an audience: “Abacab” and “Shadows of the hierophant”.
A lot of people came to so us and that was really nice. We had an incredible luck with the weather, it was supposed to rain heavily, but it didn’t.  At the end of the show we invited our friends to join us on stage for a crazy “Ca c’est vraiment toi”, during which Alex broke a string on his bass.

Some people took photographs, and the was a bit of filming. Some documents are already starting to arrive, but I hope I will get my hands on more.

At one point there was a lovely and splendid full moon partially hidden by clouds and it was just like on the posters for the show 🙂

The setlist:
Oh darling
Save us
Let em in
Shadows of the hierophant
Marcia Baila
In the flesh ?
The thin ice
The happiest days of our lives/Another brick in the wall – part 2
Comfortably numb
Hey Jude
Ca c’est vraiment toi


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