SATURDAY, MARCH 26th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 16 Recording and filming: Live at Forock, MJC de Marbache. Location: MJC de Marbache. Performers: Zong’: guitar and voice. Cél & Syl: vocals. Alex: bass. Manu: guitar, Thierry & Chris:[…]

SATURDAY, MARCH 19th, 2016

Concert by the Harmony – “Vocals and orchestra”. A Harmonie concert dedicated to… ..singing !  So we accompanied a lot of singers. It was cool because I got to play a lot of guitar, which[…]

SUNDAY, MARCH 13th 2016

A Story of Shadows – Rehearsal 7. Despite of the flu crises that hit our home that week, we managed to work a little bit on Shadow of the hierophant. We is just me and[…]


Les Zaut’ rehearsal 45. Two guys from the Forock of Marbache came to see us. We were planned to play there soon so they wanted to meet us. We were very very nervous. And we[…]


In the evening of the same day: Rehearsing Black hole sun with Arnaud Burtin. Finally, the day arrived when we would be starting to work on that crazy and brilliant sun. Unfortunately Lydie was sick.[…]


In the morning: Filming Midnight sun. Actual filming this time. I thought separating the recording to the filming would make things easier and would speed the process up. Boy was I wrong ! 🙂 I[…]


Recording: Midnight sun webcover. I was burning with the urge to do something with this song I loved so much. I decided to do a webcover of it, doing both vocals and two guitars, one[…]

MONDAY, MARCH 7th 2016

Creating the music for “On a cold and lightless night”. I managed to find the music for the words I wrote the day before. I recorded several takes of just me with a guitar, singing[…]

SUNDAY, 6th MARCH 2016

Today I wrote a song. Waking up in the morning with a buzz of thoughts running through my head, I had to write a song about the previous night. I can’t say anything more about[…]