SATURDAY, MARCH 26th, 2016

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 16
Recording and filming: Live at Forock, MJC de Marbache.

Location: MJC de Marbache.
Performers: Zong’: guitar and voice. Cél & Syl: vocals. Alex: bass. Manu: guitar, Thierry & Chris: drums. Lydie: guest vocalist. Jean-Phi: guest drummer.
Produced by Zong’.
Format: 1080p 50 fps video file.

This was a very good concert, full of energy and movement.  Alex and I were on wireless connection so in the 2nd set we went many times into the audience (and even outside) to play like madmen. Before the show was a presentation about prog rock, with some Magma footage. 🙂
Lydie, Ludo, and the Ugly Ducks came to see us. Everything has been filmed, and we appeared on local tv, and there was also a newspaper article with a nice photograph 🙂
There is also a bit of film showing what happened backstage.
And here’s a link to the page about this concert on the official Forock website:

Les Zaut’


1st set:
Video killed the radio star
New year’s day
China girl
In between days
Where is my mind
What’s up
Livin on the edge
Heart shaped box
Killing in the name of
L’homme pressé
This picture
Tme is running out
Holiday/Boulevard of broken dreams
Toc toc toc
Dani California
No tomorrow
Adventures of raindance Maggie

2nd set :
I’m picky
Ca me vexe (with Lydie)
Ca c’est vraiment toi (with Lydie)
I love rock’n roll (with Lydie)

Comfortably numb
Karma police
Killing in the name
L’homme pressé
Holiday (with Jean-Phi on drums)
No tomorrow
Toc toc toc
I love rock’n’roll
Ca s’est vraiment toi
Video killed the radio star

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