Recording: ‘Ace’s high’
Recording: ‘For whom the bell tolls’
MJC, Richemont – afternoon – Present: Dude, Hervé F., Frédéric W. P: Dude.

RAINBOW WARRIOR’ is the name of my very first band, which was born circa 1987, but was ‘put to life’ in this rehearsal. What you can hear is an aspect of how we used to sound at the very beggining of our ‘professional band career’. Hervé was a very good friend of mine and Fred is actually my cousin. In this recording, he was playing the drums since less than 6 months. This took place in Richemont, at the MJC. After one year and six months of fun the band broke up for several reasons. Here is the list of the songs performed during the recording:

Aces high by Iron Maiden, written by Steve Harris.
For whom the bell tolls by Metallica, written by Hetfield, Ulrich and Burton.

Not recorded, but also played during that period are other Maiden tracks such as: Sanctuary, Wasted years, The rime of the ancient mariner, Total eclipse…

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