Sometimes in 1988

Recording: ‘French fly’
Recording: ‘Mr Crowley’
Recording: ‘Melissa’
Recording: ‘Cadavre exquis’ (version 1 & 2)
One-eyed Jack – P: Dude.

Inspired by Van Halen’s ‘Spanish fly’, ‘French fly’ is just a silly tapping acoustic piece. Nothing serious is intended here. I’m always keen on doing covers of tunes I like that a lot, and the two following tracks are no exception. On the Mercyful Fate’s ‘Melissa’, I home-overdubbed the guitar solo and also added a bit of vocal. And, as I said elsewhere, King Diamond’s vocals were, and still are, a wonder to my ears. This recording has been released in 1998 in Dude Remembers – volume 3.
As for ‘Cadavre exquis’, the title of this track explains it all. As you all know, a cadavre exquis is a method used by the french surréalistes in the beginning of the 20th century to compose poetry. It required at least two people. On a piece of paper, the first participant writes down a sentence, anything he wants. He then folds the top of the sheet so that the next person cannot see what has been written. He then passes the paper to the next person, telling him the last word he used, the next person then writes a second sentence which rime with the last word of the first person. He folds the sheet again and passes it to the next participant. At the end, the sheet is deployed, and a totally unexpected poem appear. Botl and I used to do this a lot in school, during English lessons. This track is based on one of these texts. I didn’t write any music for it. I only improvised chords and melody on the fly. This recording has been released in 1997 in Dude Remembers – volume 2.

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