Sometimes in MARCH 1990

Recording: ‘Paranoid’
Recording: ‘Chapel days re-visited’
The Chapel – afternoon – Present: Dude, Hervé F., Frédéric W., Frédéric W. P: Dude.

This rehearsal was recorded way back in the ‘Good Ol’ Times’, when we had a bass player, in our rehearsal room, ‘The Chapel’, an authentic church which was kindly lent for us. We used to go there every sunday, for approximately one year. I was driving my father’s small truck, with all the equipement inside, and we would drive from each other’s places with Fred playing the drums in the back without loosing the tempo. What a souvenir! ‘CHAPEL DAYS…’ is a good representation of the open-ended improvisations we were fond of at this period of time.

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