Day Nineteen for the album
Recording: ‘All been gone’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Hear your heart’ (SI on take 2)
Recording: ‘Golden seven’ (SI on take 3)
Bill’s studio – 14:00-19:00 – P: Yann. Present: Dude, Yann, Kevin.

The very first recording session featuring the digital drums Yann had bought on DECEMBER the 3rd, with Kevin playing. When Dude arrived in the middle of the afternoon, Kev and Yann had already recorded the drums for ‘All been gone’, ‘Hear your heart’, and all the parts of ‘Golden seven’, except for the bridge section. So a few time was taken to elaborate together this part, and to record it. Because of the complex nature of this section, Kev had to play it at a slower tempo. All we had to do then was to bring back the tempo to its original value of 150, and there you are. Another cool thing with midi drums is you can reconfigure the drumpads : we put another bass drum sound on one of the tom pad, so that we could obtain a powerful double bass-drum feeling. (Thanks to Kev’s dexterity, of course !)

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