Recording: ‘Wuthering heights’
Recording: ‘Your little chair’ (demo)
One-eyed Jack – afternoon – P: Dude.

While I was alone at home (something that doesn’t happen much these days), I did a strange version of Kate Bush’s great hit with two acoustic guitars (one with nylon strings, the other with metal strings), and two vocal parts (one in the correct original octave, falsetto style, and the other voice two octaves lower). Then I was ready to start laying down the demo for ‘Your little chair’. I exported the Reason sequencing I did the previous weeks, and I did some vocals, with overdubs here and there, 3 tracks of handclaps, and some guitar (the loud power chords before the chorus, a stupid little solo for the beginnings, and some funk stuff for the choruses). I did not put any bass because I’m gonna ask Stef to do the basswork on that thing.

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