Dude’s Power Trio rehearsal 10
Recording: ‘Bruxelles’
Recording: ‘Instant Street’
Recording: ‘Come together’
Recording: ‘Ankle bracelet’
Recording: ‘Dancing days’
Recording: ‘Be my wife’
Recording: ‘Chunga’s revenge’
France 3 basement – evening – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Stef, Boz, Flo.

A great rehearsal. We worked out three new song that night: ‘Bruxelles’, ‘Come together’ and ‘Cracked actor’. The first two came out well, the latter needs more attention (especialy the guitar solo stuff). Apart from that we did ‘Chunga’ (only half of it was recorded), and ‘Paranoid’, ‘Ankle’, ‘Wife’, and ‘Instant Street’. We also fucked up some impromptus versions of ‘Acropolis now’ and ‘SMBH’. And we did a rough ‘Dancing days’. Flo was here, and he was helpful as usual. My voice, once it was warm, was in very good shape. The ‘Paranoid android’ we played at the end came out surprisingly well, we did it from top to bottom without any breaks. Steve used the transcription I gave him for the 2nd half of ‘Instant Street’, and it sounded better. My aprehension to perform in front of scrutinizing beings (in that case Flo) wasn’t a problem that night: I felt more confident.As I said, a great rehearsal.

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