Recording: ‘Sexy Sadie’ (SI on take 1)
One-eyed Jack – morning – P: Dude.

Live performance in Germany with Mike Keneally and Friends
Recording: ‘2001’ (live with Mike Keneally and Friends !!!)
Waldsee, Freiburg, Germany – evening – P: Dude. Present: Yann, Mike Keneally, Jaan Wessman, Schroeder, Claude Kunhen, and many happy people.

Doing the vocals for ‘Sexy sadie’, along with the melody guitar at the end.And then immediatly driving with Yann straight to Freiburg, Germany, to attend Mike Keneally‘s concert. I had the opportunity to sing backing vocals on Mike’s wonderful song “2001”, during the Mike Keneally and Friends show at the Waldsee. I approached Mike during the afternoon soundcheck and asked if he could participate to this song he likes very much. The incredible MK then said the magic word: “Sure !” After the soundcheck I went back to my happy and fullfilled audient position, only to be called to the stage during the evening show to do it “for real” !

Mike Keneally and Friends is MK on guitar, piano and vocals, the amazing Jaan Wessman on bass, and the astonishing Schroeder on drums. That show also featured the guest performances of Johnny Gomer, on acoustic guitar, and Rainer Lenz, on lead vocals. Apart from any family business like getting married and having children and all that stuff, this was the most beautiful day of my life. (so far 😉 ).
You can hear a recording of this live performance href=”http://membres.lycos.fr/innerdude/english/Dude/live/mk2004%2Bdude.htm”>here

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