Recording: ‘Not such a bad boy’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘No values’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Glass onion’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Why don’t we do it in the road?’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘The end’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘I’ve got a feeling’ (SI on take 1)
One-eyed Jack – morning + afternoon – P: Dude.

An all-vocal session. I started with the softer tunes (in order to warm-up my voice a bit), and then I gradually switched to the harder parts. I did only the lead vocals, except for ‘The end’ for which I did only the ending choir. I still have a lot to improve for ‘I’ve got a feeling’. ‘Why don’t’ received it’s final treatment: the opening percussion stuff (in that case: one track of handclaps, and one track of two plastic goblets hitting the floor) 😉

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