Home recording + Dude’s Power Trio rehearsal 31
‘Ziggy Stardust’ (SI on take 1)’
One-eyed Jack – morning – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Julian, Doreen.
Recording: ‘Chunga’s revenge’
Recording: ‘Under my thumb’
Recording: ‘You know my name look up my birthday’
Recording: ‘Yer blues’
Recording: ‘Buddha of suburbia’
Recording: ‘Afraid’
Recording: ‘Maybe I’m amazed’
Recording: ‘Paranoid android’
Horse Motel, Room D – 14:30 – 18:00 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Stef, Boz.

Adding all the vocals for that cover of Bowie’s classic, the background music being the one we recorded with Yann for the Fakers’ album (the ‘Steffy Hairdust’ version).
Then in the afternoon, it was back to work for the Dp3 band. We started with Chunga, and then did ‘Under my thumb’, ‘Any major dude’, ‘Birthday/Yer blues’, ‘Buddha of suburbia’, ‘Afraid’, and then we dig up an old favorite of mine: ‘Paranoid android’, which came out curiously good (apart from my out of tune guitar). So I put it back in the setlist. Some of this stuff has been recorded on Minidisc. At one point we did a lounge version of ‘Bithday’, melted with ‘You know my name’ vocals, and we also did a bit of crazy Mayhem with ‘Keep it greasy’.

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