Recording: ‘Le Do rit fort’
Recording: ‘Iron man’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Le RĂ© pulsion’ (SI on take 1)
One-eyed Jack – afternoon – P: Dude.

I decided to create a suite of 7 strange weird audio pieces, and to put them on YSn. For each one I invented a title with a pun, each one containing the name of a note. I did the complete first piece: two tracks of bass strings scrapped with a pick, one track of acoutic guitar playing variations around a Cmajor chord, and one track of electric guitar laughing out loud. The whole with was then heavily treated, and published as is, having been previously reversed backwards 🙂
‘Iron man’ was another instrumental by Maxsilham from Ysn, onto wich I added vocals. I took a blast trying to reproduced the metallic voice of the intro of the song. I think I pulled it out.
Finally, I started to lay down some basics for the 2nd movement of my little mini-series: ‘Le RĂ© pulsion’. This time I used one track of djembĂ©, and one track of finger cymbals.

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