Recording: ‘Good morning snippet’
Recording: ‘Yellow submarine’
Recording: ‘We all stand together’
Recording: ‘Once upon a long ago’
Recording: ‘All you need is love’
Recording: ‘C moon’
Recording: ‘Silly love songs’
One-eyed Jack’s kitchen – evening – P: Dude. – Present: Dude, Val, Julian , Doreen.

I wanted to do this for a long time. 🙂 Some evenings we had the kids to eat on their own, because of time restrictions. But one of us would always stay with them, so that they weren’t eating alone. When it was my turn, I used to take my guitar and sing with them whatever they wanted to sing. I needed to record one of these evenings. I did. It sounds surprisingly well. This Minidisc unit + stereo microphone is a gem. The kids in this are marvellous, as always.

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