1st Live performance at the Beatles Day in Mons (Belgium)
Recording: ‘Jenny Wren’

Recording: ‘Friends to go’
Recording: ‘Too much rain’ (with Calico)
Recording: ‘Riding to Vanity Fair’
Waux Hall, Mons, Belgium – afternoon – P: Dude. – Present: Dude, Calico, Coco, Mr mustard, and a whole lot of people….

I wanted to do this for a long time: play at the Beatles Day in Mons, Belgium. I sang four songs, all taken from Paul McCartney’s last album “Chaos and creation in the backyard”. For ‘Too much rain’, I sang in duet with Phil Calico. ‘Friends to go’ I did on the uke, to gave it that George harrison feel Macca talked about, and I did ‘Vanity Fair’ both on guitar and glockenspiel, while singing at the same time. I just loved that day. full of friendship, good vibes, and the evening show was fantastic.

Thanks a lot to the whole Beatles Day team, to Marco and Clo for the photographs, to Calico, and to all the wonderful Yellow-subians I met that day.

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