Recording: ‘The deracined’ (demo)
Recording: ‘Black Sabbath’
Bag-end studio – all-day – P: Dude.

The first recording session since June. During the intermission, I moved, leaving not only the One-eyed Jack studio, but also my childhood home and land. It’s time for a new beggining in a new place. Bag-end Studio is named like that because it is located on the top of a green hill which look just like the Shire. So be it. It took me a while to accomodate to the new place and actually record something. As an additional change, I permanently plugged my guitar into the Blue Devil. So for now on the guitar signal will non longer be directly injected into the computer. I also unearthed my old mixing board for the occasion.
The first thing I recorded in this new studio of mine is really just a rough demo of a two-intricated-guitars motif. For this I quicly set up the Blue Devil (Hell channel – Heat at maximum – Volume at 6 – EQ B-2 M+6 T+2 – Preset 9) and the GT2 (clean). I used the same setting (except Blue Devil preset 62) for the rough guitar of ‘Black Sabbath’.

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