2nd Live performance at the Beatles Day in Mons (Belgium)
Recording and filming:
‘Getting closer’
Recording: ‘Yer blues’
Recording: ‘You never give me your money’
Recording: ‘Maybe I’m amazed’

Waux Hall, Mons, Belgium – afternoon – P: the people in charge of the PA system. – Present: Dude, Marco, Jean, Coco, Ozzy, Olivier, Watching Wheels, Filou, Mathilde, Claude Nine, and a whole lot of people….

For my return to the Beatles Day I wanted to do something different than the acoustic set I did last years. So I managed to get Stef and Boz to accept to reform the Power Trio and come with me to blast away 4 wild songs: ‘Getting closer’, ‘Yer blues’, ‘You never give me your money’, and ‘Maybe I’m amazed’. To my great pleasure, the choice of the stelist was a incredible success: a countless number of people came to me to say they have been delighted to hear ‘Getting closer’ live. To me, it was only the realisation of a dream. I feel fucking lucky that what I wanted as a dream as been so well recieved by the audience. Sometimes I’m blessed.

Thanks to Marco, Juan Jose Alva, Jean-Claude Hocquet, and the amazing Mathilde for the photographs.

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