Recording: ‘Revolution 9’ (take 1)
Recording: ‘Sensation’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘We’re not gonna take it’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Maybe I’m amazed’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Hold me tight’ (SI on take 1)’

Bag-end studio – afternoon – P: Dude.

Starting the stupid acoustic rendition of Revolution 9 with some voice elements: the various bits and pieces of speech that happens all along the track. I also did a cool “number 9” phrase, which I repeated ad nauseum, and the “allriiiiight” segments. Then I did some more vocal fixing on the Who’s, I added the choruses to Patrick Lepleux’s “Maybe I’m amazed”, and I started putting voices down to another of Pat’s cover: “Hold me tight”. (the middle-8s).

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