FRIDAY 04th APRIL 2008

Rehearsal with the New Trio 3
‘Look sharp’
Recording: ‘Fit’
Recording: ‘One more time’
Recording: ‘Sunday papers’
Recording: ‘I’m the man’
France 3 basement – 21:00-24:00 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Thierry, Arnaud.

Things are getting more precise: we tried “One more time” at a very fast tempo, and it’s seems that ‘s just what was needed to make it rock. Plus my voice was quite warm and I managed to sing all the choruses in the high octave without getting tired and with a lot of energy. That one is going to be a killer live.
We started to work on “Fit”. It’s quite nice but I’ve got a hell of a lot of work to put into the guitar solo.
The other tracks went on as usual, “I’m the man” beeing the one that needs the more attention, yet.

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