Rehearsal with the New Trio 8
Not Recording:
‘Look sharp’
Not Recording: ‘Sunday papers’
Not Recording: ‘Fit’
Not Recording: ‘One more time’
Not Recording: ‘I’m the man’
Not Recording: ‘Evil empire’
Not Recording: ‘Jam’
France 3 basement – 21:00-00:00 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Thierry, Arnaud.

I planned to record that rehearsal, but the batteries of my Minidisc were dead, so only 2 minutes of useless chat from the beggining of the session has been recorded. This blog entry is only here to witness that a rehearsal took place in this day and age. And a good one too, with the best version of “Fit” we ever played so far. And for the first time we played a real, long, jam. Cool, but no recording.

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