Recording: ‘Time’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘The happiest days of our lives’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Another brick in the wall – part 2′ (SI on take 1)’

Recording: ‘Run like hell’ (take 1)
Recording: ‘Empty spaces ‘ (SI take 1)
Recording: ‘Young lust’ (SI take 1)
Bag end studio – 09:30-18:00 – P: Dude.

Another day full of work. Only basses and guitars today, but a lot of them. I started with the main rythm guitar for ‘Time’, and then I delightfully did the solo. I did all the guitars and bass of ‘The happiest days of our lives’ segued into ‘Another brick – part 2’. And since the bass was in drop D tuning, I did the bassline of ‘Run like hell’. Then I added bass to ‘Empty spaces’ and ‘Young lust’. very fun to do that last one.

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