Sismeringa Lodge – ICS session #2

Recording: ‘Madame sans nuit’
Recording: Solide R
Recording: ‘Norgoleckia’
Recording: ‘Herr Pillar, warum ?’
Bag end studio – 9:30-13:00 – P: Dude. Present: Val, Julian, Doreen.

This is the first of the shorter sessions. Those last only 6 hours and are thematic. The theme for today was: “pre-determined song titles”. I imagined six song titles which I gave to Stef: “C’est l’hiver aujourd’hui”, “Underplastic sweet surprise”, “Silences interdits”, “Orlando – part two”, “327” and “Another liquid satisfaction”. Stef did five of them (he didn’t do “Silences interdits”), and I love what he came up with.
As for me, I recieved the song titles from Emy. Those were “Madame sans nuit”, “J’arrive pas…”, “Norgoleckia”, “Solide R”, “Herr Pillar, warum ?” and “Six, theme”. I did all of them except “J’arrive pas…” and “Six, theme”.

There were a lot of adversity on that day and I almost couldn’t attend the session. First of all my car broke down on the way to the basement where I excepted to spend the 6 hours. So after a lot of trouble I managed to come home by 9h30, that is two and a half hours late for the session ! The other problem resulting from that car problem was that I got no instruments with me, since I had installed them all in the basement the day before ! The only thing I got left with me was a bass guitar.
So I had to do all of the session at home (with wife and children living their life all around me), with only a bass guitar, and a shorter time. I managed to do 4 songs anyway.

I took another car to go the ICS reunion in the afternoon, and it was cool. Eric had organised a nice meal that we all shared together, discussing all things Sismeringa.

A brief description of what I came up with those song titles:

1- Madame sans nuit : She’s alone at night and bored. She lets her mind wander and suddenly starts to dream about dancing a waltz in the middle of a lot of people… only to wake up still alone and bored.

2- Solide R: something stomping and simple. Direct.

3- Norgoleckia: This is the name of a planet where live a very hostile race of Aliens. They send a message to Earth, and this message gets reapeted over and over, infesting a little more each time, until all Earthlings are contaminated and repeat the message like decerebrated robots.

4- Herr Pillar, warum ?: I could not come up with anything else than a little march. In my mind German language=march. Sound very cliche, I know. Sorry. No offense intended.

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