Rehearsal with the New Trio 15
Look sharp
Recording: ‘Sunday papers’
Recording: ‘It’s different for girls’
Recording: ‘On your radio’
Recording: ‘Fit’
Recording: ‘Wild west’
Recording: ‘One more time’
Recording: ‘Little bit stupid’
Recording: ‘I’m the man’
France 3 basement – 21:00-00:30 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Thierry, Arnaud.
Recording: Hey you‘ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Run like hell’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Waiting for the worms’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘The trial’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Nobody home’ (SI on take 1)
Recording: ‘Stop’ (SI on take 1)
France 3 basement – 21:00-00:00 – P: Dude.

This has been recorded for the first time directly onto my laptop hard-hardrive. It’s cool because I don’t have to enter into transfer mode after recording, but it’s in mono.
That day we played the usual stuff, and added “Wild west” in the process ! 🙂

And then, after the rehearsal, I stayed in the room and made good use of my now warmed up voice for some small repairs into the vocal parts of “The wall”. I redid the final singing of “Hey you”, some sentences in “Run like hell”, and one phrase into “Nobody home”. I also did the crowd chants at the end of “Waiting for the worms” and “The trial”. And then I shouted: “Stop !” 🙂

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