SATURDAY 16th MAY 2009

Live performance at Beatles’titude in Laon (France)
Recording and filming:
‘Things we said today’
Recording and filming: ‘I want to hold your hand’
Recording and filming: ‘Mean Mr Mustard’
Recording and filming: ‘Polythene Pam’
Recording and filming: ‘She came in through the
Recording and filming: bathroom window’
Recording and filming: ‘I’ll be back’
Recording and filming: ‘Free as a bird’

Maison des Arts et Loisirs, Laon, France – afternoon – P: Dominique Grandfils. – Present: Dude, Coco, Jean, Phil, Mathias Bouyez, Filou, Mathilde, Rocking Cloud, Jean-Louis, Eric, JC OK, Laurent G. and a whole lot of people….

Jean-Louis Polard kindky asked me to participate in his Beatle Day in the wondeful and beautiful town of Laon. He asked for a majority of Beatles tunes, so I obliged. It all went very well, but I believe I sometimes sang out of key, because I could’nt hear my guitar loud enough in the PA system. I had bought my amplifier but I didn’t use it. Never again !
My best memory of this day is the time I spent with my friends Calico and Coco. I never had such time in Mons so I tried to enjoy every second of it. We had a blast playing some lose stuff around a table. We did a lot of George’s, and Calico played “Just like starting over”, some Bee Gees, “Mrs Robinson”… it was great.

Thanks to Dominique Grandfils for the video, and to Rocking Cloud, Dr Robert, and Laurent G. for the photographs.

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