Rehearsal with the New Trio 34
Recording and filming:
Time is running out’
Recording and filming:
Recording and filming: Hysteria’
Recording and filming:
Recording and filming: Just’
Recording and filming:
Not Recording: Suck my kiss’
France 3 basement – 22:00 – 00:30 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Thierry, Arnaud.

Recording and filming: ‘Bohemian rhapsody’ (take 2)
Recording: A day in the life (take 2)’
France 3 basement – 00:00 – 01:30 – P: Dude.

Once again we had to start very late because I’ve broken a string. This was the first time I used my wonderful TZ7 camera, and so I managed to film and record a bit of the rehearsal. I will probably do that every time, from now on. It was just a attempt, because I didn’t frame the picture very well (we can’t see our heads), and I couldn’t sing proparly anyway (I had a flu). So we now have three videos as souvenirs, but they’re not satisfying at all. But since the sound quality of the recording is excellent (no saturation at all !), it will be a great tool.
After the three Muse numbers, we then we worked a bit on “Suck my kiss”, but there was no need to film that one yet.

Right after the trio rehearsal, I started this crazy project of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” video and cover. I wanted this time to really take care of the picture and filming quality, to do a much better work than what I did with the “Paperback writer” video. Hopefully I had the TZ7 😉
Another great premiere: I recorded with a real drum mike setting ! I mean, the drumkit had microphones on each element, just like in a real studio !

I did all the drums for that number. In HD. Yeeeeaaaahhhh….. !
And then I did some drums for a version of “A day in the life” in common with some bunch of guys from Lucy.

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