Live performance at a private party in Bayon (France)
Not recording and filming: ‘Hallelujah’
Recording and filming: ‘Here comes the sun’
Not recording and filming: All you need is love’
Church of Bayon – afternoon –
P: Dude. Present: Dude, Doreen, Julian, Val, and a great  bunch of Irish and French folks.

It was a very special thing: not only it was the first time I was asked to sing at an official ceremony (it was a baptism), but it was also the first live performances of rock music with my kids. Julian played the flute, Doreen played the glockenspiel, and they were absolutely brilliant. Too bad only the (solo) middle song was filmed.
More music happened in the afternoon at the house of the attendees, but none of it has been recorded or filmed.

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