FRIDAY, MAY 11th 2012

EMSN The Wall – Rehearsal 2
Photographs only: Comfortably numb
Another brick in the wall (part 2)

Location: Beer block. from 20h to 22h30
Performers: Zong’: Guitar and rehearsal managing.
Isa and Valerie: vocals.
Didier: acoustic guitar and vocals.
Marion: vocals.
Cyrille: bass.
Manu and Alexis: guitars.
Doreen: keyboards.
Thib: drums.
Chris Togo: drums.
Adèle and Léa: backing vocals.
Photographs by: ?.
35 pictures.

This is the real first official rehearsal for the “L’Emsn joue the wall” project. At the time, we were rehearsing for the upcoming preview show, not for the final live performance. We played two songs that evening: “Comfortably numb” and “Another brick in the wall (part 2)” for the first time.  It was also the first rehearsal for Doreen. (her best friend Marine was here also).
In this early incarnation Thib was on drums. (He was later replaced by Ludo Sauvage.) Adèle and Léa stood in for the schoolchildren choir during “Another brick”.
All in all it was a very great start for a premiere !  I wrote “C’était génial” after the rehearsal. Everyone had really worked their parts at home and it sounded very promising.

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