SATURDAY JUNE 20th, 2015

Les Zaut’ – Live performance 11 – Fête de la musique, St Nicolas de Port.

The first of a series of three live shows in a row for Les Zaut’.  This show was a composite of Les Zaut’s regular setlist and songs by the new Ateliers Rock of l’EMSN, managed by Yann Vassoeur and Arnaud Burtin. All in all that made up for a three hours show !
Manu wasn’t there but he was greatly replaced by Robin or Didier Geiger.
Everything has been filmed, from a single point of view.  You can check out my involvement in this show on the following video, along with a funny time-lapse video that resumes the complete 3-hour thing into a very fast 30 seconds clip ! 🙂


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