THURSDAY JULY 23rd, 2015

Rehearsal with Alzheimer 1.

This is in a way an historical date for me: this is the day I met Lydie and also the day I sang with her for the first time. Here’s the story that lead to this encounter:  Ludovic Miel had this band called The Alzheimer, which played 60s and 70s rock songs. He told me they were having problems with their drummer (Benjamin) who was engoing some major surgery. He wouldn’t be able to play for a long period of time. I offered my services, thinking I would love to play the drums on those songs that I already knew by heart.
Eventually Ludo managed to find a replacement drummer, called Denis. But he insisted that I should come anyway, but with a guitar !
At first I was relunctant: I didn’t want to have to work and learn those songs on the guitar. I really just wanted to play drums.
But he insisted !  So I went, with my guitar, and met The Alzheimer… …including Lydie.  She immediatly made a big impression on me: her voice and her singing were incredible !  We chatted a little and got along very rapidly.  We all went to a nearby restaurant after the rehearsal.
A few weeks later, she contacted me directly on my cell phone, and from then, everything falled into place. 🙂

There are no pictures of this, but I have a full 1h52 recording of the rehearsal in the form of a MP3 file.


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