Les Zaut’ rehearsal 39

A rehearsal specially planned to get ourselves ready for the forthcoming concert in Meuse.  Christophe wasn’t here so we concentrated only on the numbers with Thierry. Not a very good rehearsal. I fucking broke a string ! And I wasn’t enjoyed myself as much as I would have wanted to.  I tried to use both my pedal boards, and also used my HF guitar transmitter for the first time with this band.  I also tried my in-ear monitor system but the sound wasn’t loud enough.
No recording of filming but I saw Sylv using her cellphone to capture some stuff. I don’t have any of it.

Toc, toc, toc
This picture
Boulevard of broken dreams
No tomorrow
Adventures of rain dance Maggie
New year’s day
Ca me vexe
L’homme pressé
Time is running out
Ca c’est vraiment toi
Killing in the name of

Location: France3 basement.
Zong’: guitar,  vocal.
Manu: guitar.
Sylv & Céline: vocal.
Alex V: bass.
Thierry: drums.
Organized by Alex V.


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