Rehearsal for “L’Emsn joue les Beatles” in Rosière.

This was the one and only rehearsal for the forthcoming performance of “L’Emsn joue les Beatles”. It was going to be a light version of the show because the place was to small for the orchestra to fit in, and because the people there asked us to remove one hour of the show.  So it was now down to 16 songs.
We rehearsed them all that day. A very efficient rehearsal because not only did we do all the songs on schedule, but we also rehearsed the songs for the forthcoming Beatles Day 0215 performance, and it was all done and over before 4pm !
Everyone was very relaxed and played beautifully.  Sometimes even better than they did in June.
We ate together at noon, all in all it was a beautiful day full of music and good feelings.
Everything has been filmed, including and impromtu Hey Jude with a small group of people during the break. 🙂


The inner light
Yellow Submarine

Let em in
Hey Jude
Live and let die


It won’t be long
Oh darling
Savoy Truffle
Sgt peppers  / With a little help from my friends
Penny Lane
Got to get you into my life
Mother Nature’s son
The fool on the hill
When I’m 64

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