Live performance with Alzheimer 1.
Le Petit Gavroche, Nancy.

This was my very first concert with the band Alzheimer. It was absolutely great. The venue was warm and welcoming, so were the ladies in charge of the place. We played all the classic songs in the Alzheimer repertoire. It was really great to share on one level the guitar with Ludo, and on the other the vocals with Lydie, two people that really are masters at what they do.
Céline, Sylviane, Thierry & Alex were invited at the end to play “Ca c’est vraiment toi”, and then “Dani California”.
Everything was filmed from 3 different point of views: one camera behind the band that recorded everything; one in front of the band that filmed some bits ans pieces, and then there’s Loic who took some videos very close to the band with his phone. I intend to make a complete film of the performance.

Here is the list of what was played:

You really got me
My generation
Born to be wild
Come together
Jumping jack flash
Are you gonna be my girl
Back to the rock

What’s up
Let’s get drunk of love
Born to be wild
Highway to hell
All day and all of the night
Ca me vexe
Smoke on the water
Choose your way

Whole lotta love
Helter skelter
Live wire

Ca c’est vraiment toi
Dani California


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