Les Zaut’ + Alzheimer – Live performance #15 – Caveau du Musée de la Brasserie, St Nicolas de Port.

This show was entirely organised by us (well… mostly by the girls Cél & Syl), and we invited The Alzheimer to join us and therefore create a double bill show.  We chose to divide the set into small four or five songs set, and to aleternate the bands. Add to that some Beatle songs we wanted to play with melted members of the band….. …and you get a 3h48 minutes show !
I played with both bands, that means all the songs featured but one: “What’s up” during which Héléa took up the guitar. It was a good evening, with good people, and a few mishaps we could have been better off without, but it could have been worse.
Some guests, invited or un-invited, performed some of the songs with us: Val, Do, Ash, Charlotte, Marion and other people in the end.
Everything has been filmed.

These are the 40 songs we played. I’m very proud to say I played everything by heart:

Birthday (I was on drums)
Toc toc toc
I’m picky
Living on the edge
Sgt Peppers/With a little help from my friends
You really got me
Jumping Jack flash
Highway to hell
Back to the rock
In between days
Video killed the radio star
Oh darling
What’s up ?
Are you gonna be my girl ?
My generation
Choose your way
New year’s day
No tomorrow
Ca me vexe
Karma Police
All day and all of the night
Doesn’t remind me
Whole lotta love
Let’s get drunk on love
I love rock’n roll
L’homme pressé
Ca, c’est vraiment toi
Killing in the name of
Born to be wild
Smoke on the water
Heleter skelter

Live wire

More than words
Boulevard of broken dreams
Never let me down (by Monkey Doll)
Hey bulldog (with Monkey Doll)
Les cactus (Monkey Doll)


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