FRIDAY, MAY 20th, 2016

Alzheimer – Live performance 3 (as a guest) – La Verdine.

Coming to this show was not without a bit of aprehension, since I had no news from Ludovic since the “incident” with Les Zaut’ and they didn’t invite me to this show (although I was their guitar player for the last two shows). I hesitated to come, but finally it was excellent because not only Lydie and Ludo was very happy to see me, but I could once again share the stage with Lydie, singing backing vocals on “All day and all of the night”, and then playing guitar like a madman on the last three numbers: “Choose your way”, “Whole lotta love” and “Live wire”.
I love playing with this band. It’s a pity they don’t seem to love playing with me.

What is also worth noting is that the venue where this concert took place (La Verdine) is situated in front of the block where Stef lived when he was living in Nancy. It was there that “The missing Dude” small movie was shot.

(Only photographs.)

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