SATURDAY 28th, MAY 2016

Live performance – Atelier rock 2016.

My participation in the 2016 edition of the EMSN rock concert consists as:
-Vocals with Sylv on “There there” and “Time”, with a 4-voices chorus by Val, Do, Julian and Sandra.
-Vocal duet with Lydie on “Black hole sun”. (with Thierry on drums).
-Guitar and vocals with Les Zaut’ on “Under pressure”.
-Guitar with Robin on “Argent trop cher”.

A very entertaining program for me: I love those songs to death.  Of course, the highlight was sharing the vocals with Lydie on “Black hole sun”. I’ve been waiting for this moment for I don’t know how long !  In fact I believe we sang it much better in the last rehearsal (pity it wasn’t filmed !), but it was great whatsoever. And we nailed this badass song !  I hope we’ll have the opportunity to sing it again in the future.  As for “Under pressure”, it was the first time we ever played it with Les Zaut’.
The whole thing was filmed, but the result is not that good, as far as the footage quality is concerned. But you may still watch it here if you want:

And then there’s a funny little bonus stuff. Before the show we had to stay in the venue in order to keep an eye on the instruments. Not only did we do that, but we also used the godamn instruments, to play a stupid singalong version of “Bohemian rhapsody”, with Val, Isa Sauvage, Robin, Ash and Doreen on piano. This silly snippet of video is included at the end of this post. It was the first time we played music with Isa Sauvage for a long time.

13227508_1265687083449629_253732232249253370_o 13315489_10201846239194086_545832059065359603_n 20160528_163933 20160528_163946 20160528_171711 Under the black hole sun



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