MONDAY AUGUST 15th, 2016

A Story Of Shadows invites Lydie in the house 🙂

It was a fantastic afternoon.  We invited Lydie and her husband and son, and so she came for the first time to our house. After an enjoyable meal, we played some music ! And it was great fun and a great pleasure to have such a wonderful singer with us.  We did Blur’s “Song 2”, and Queen’s “The show must go on”. Of course it was just for fun, but for a first try the result was not that bad. We also played a bit of “Shine on you crazy diamond” with Fabrice on keys and it was lovely. We HAVE to do that again next time !
Everything was filmed and two videos were put on Youtube. And you can watch them here at the bottom of this article.

20160815_103500[1] vlcsnap-2016-08-15-23h24m35s574 vlcsnap-2016-08-15-23h25m37s382

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