Recording and filming “The fragile (take 1).

I wanted to do a new webcover, and I opted for Nine Inch Nails’s “The fragile” because a) it’s a cool song b) The lyrics resonated with a friend a mine’s situation.  For the first time I allowed myself to use a pre-recorded backing track. (including the rythm and some ambiant noises).  I start the song at the keyboard, playing the weird bass and singing at the same time, and then during the break, I change the camera position, and go to the guitar in order to play the solo.  I guess that little stunt makes it a real “live” cover even though I’m using the backing track 🙂
Finally I was not satisfied at all with the performance (no energy, and the vocals were sometimes too loud in the mix).  So I decided to do it again in a future day.



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