Live performance with Alzheimer 4 – Forock Marbache.

A very important date in the developement of things to come. How to begin ?  Alzheimer had to play this show that night, but Lydie was sick. So Ludo called me in the afternoon asking me if I could come and replace her for the vocals.  I was tempted, but I knew I couldn’t sing some of the hard stuff (Whole lotta love), and I refused to sing the original songs they wrote together (not because they’re not good songs – actually they’re great and I love them – but because they are personal to Lydie). So I agreed to come.
In the meantime, Lydie called me and said that maybe if I could pick her at 10pm we could go together and she could sing some of the songs, and I would take her place when she would be too sick to sing.
So that’s what we did ! 🙂
I came (with my guitar), and I sang “Juming Jack flash”, “Smoke on the water” and “Come together”. I played guitar on all the other songs.  It was so great to share the stage again with Lydie and the boys.
After the show many people said that my presence in the band was essential, including Francis Robin, which is the co-runner of the Forock. They even wrote a fantastic article on their website ( which emphasize the fact that I can bring something good to Alzheimer.
And on to the next week……  😉
Some pictures were taken, and Héléa filmed a bit of the end of the show.

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