Lydie’s birthday party.

It was Lydie’s birthday and her husband Fabrice wanted to make a surprise party. So I was asked to find a way to make Lydie come to our place in the afternoon, so that Fabrice could set up everything. I was supposed to be back at 6:30 pm.   Lydie wanted absolutely to be back at 4:30 pm.  I had to struggle, and it was hard ! 🙂
But finally we had a wonderful evening, all of us singing and playing together. A little bit of “Midnight sun” by Do, Ash (on flute) and me was filmed by Val.
Earlier in the afternoon, I recorded a little bit of “Bohemian rhapsody” with Val, Do, Lydie and I. It was during that afternoon that it was decided we would do a special acoustic performance with us 4 (or 5, if Ash was coming with us).

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