Webcover #14 – While my guitar gently weeps.

This is very special. For months I wanted to buy an acoustic guitar, a Norman model. A Norman guitar was lended to me for the EMSN Beatles project, and I immediatly fell in love with this great guitar. So I wanted one. I finally found an add for such a guitar, equiped with a Fisherman mike and EQ, not for from where I lived.  So one day I took my car and drove all the way thru the Vosges mountains, to Colmar, where I met the guitar and finally bought it, (after a great meal with a vegan burger in a restaurant).
On the way back home, I stopped at the top of the Vosges mountains to inaugurate my new guitar and I flmed myself singing the Beatle song. It was quite cold outside, but the scenery is magnificent. I think I sing quite well on this. (Usually I don’t like the way I sing).

You can watch and hear the result here:

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