Les Ephémères – Live performance 1 – Le Petit Gavroche.

We did it. We played together, acoustically, in Le Petit Gavroche !
It all went quite well. We played almost all the songs we planned, we left out the most quiet of them “Real men” and “Hometown”, because the people were definitely noisy and few of them seemed to be wanting to listen to some quite initimate music 🙂
But we did add two songs un-planned: Doreen’s own “Where are you?”, played live for the very first time, and the final and funny “Bohemian Rhapsody”, completely improvised on the spot, because the audience wanted it.  And they all sang with us and it was really a great moment. Actually, when the music started to get louder and a bit more festive (Hey Jude, Marcia Baila, Bohemian Rhapsody), the people were really participative and it was a great fun.
We don’t regret having played there, but next time we will choose a venue more suited for that kind of intimate repertoire.
It was all in all a good way to test our abilities to bring our own sound equipment and to manage the whole technical aspect of gigging. We can do it ! 🙂
Photos were taken, and also a bity of filming: some songs from Set 1, and the whole Set 2. A selection of photographs and videos follows:

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